Water Well Rehabilitation

Water Well RehabilitationExperiencing a drop in water production or pressure?
Water Well Rehabilitation may be an option that can save you money!

To determine if your well can be rehabilitated – our technicians will conduct a series of tests, including utilization of a down-hole video camera, to enable us to inspect the well and advise of any other potential issues.

Once the scope of the project is determined, we will clean your well with a brush that is attached to a drilling rig – and work efficiently and meticulously to bring your well back online.

Water Conditioning

Depending on the location and water application, it is sometimes necessary to treat your drinking water source to remove or reduce nuisance problems. For individual and community water supply systems, this may include such problems as a "rotten egg odor", "black or reddish staining", or "bitter/metallic taste".

Moyer Well Drilling has experience in the proper selection of water treatment systems to meet your needs.

In these cases, Moyer Well Drilling has experience in the proper selection of water treatment systems to meet your needs. If the application is for high purity water for an industrial or commercial application, Moyer Well Drilling has the configured customized water handling, treatment, and storage facilities to meet your water supply needs.

Residential Water Well Systems

Duane Moyer Well Drilling has been drilling residential water wells since 1969 and we are in our third generation of well drillers. Our well-drilling expertise is driven by highly-trained professionals with advanced equipment. Our crew members are certified by OSHA and the National Ground Water Association (NGWA) to meet the industry's most exacting performance levels.

Our crew members are certified by OSHA and the National Ground Water Association (NGWA) to meet the industry's most exacting performance levels.

Our standards demand flame hardened steel-forged drive shoes, pressurized grouting option casings of robust threaded/coupled steel (tougher than plastic or welded materials).

Commercial Well Drilling

Duane Moyer Well Drilling drills commercial wells for developments, municipalities, commercial and industrial clients. We do all year testing and installation or permanent pumps and service. We work with your engineers and hydro-geologist to drill the well to your exacting requirements and specifications. Our crews are certified by OSHA and the National Ground Water Association (NGWA).

Environmental Well Drilling

Duane Moyer Well Drilling Inc. has been satisfying the well drilling needs of the business community for over 40 years. Our Drillers are experienced professionals who have knowledge in well construction, drilling techniques, hydrogeology, well dynamics, groundwater flow, pump theory and maintenance, contaminant migration, pollution control strategies, environmental sampling and each of our well drillers have been trained as per OSHA (29CFR 1910.120). The Environmental Drilling Services that we provide include Soil and Split Spoon Sampling, Monitoring, Well Design, Construction, Installation Aquifer Testing Well Abandonment, and Pressure Grouting.

Irrigation Well Drilling

Duane Moyer Well Drilling has drilled various irrigation wells in many diameters. We have also installed standard pumps to more sophisticated pump systems such as variable speed drives (constant pressure pumps). We have drilled irrigation wells for projects as small as a yard to as large as a golf course or farm fields.

Pump Sales & Installation

Duane Moyer Well Drilling has crews dedicated to pump installation and service. We have all of the knowledge and equipment to do the job right. We have three hoist trucks for deep set pumps including a 16-ton hoist truck for commercial applications. We use top quality pumps, tanks and components to ensure a quality installation. We also have a small backhoe as well as a mini excavator for those tight access jobs.

Pump Repairs

Duane Moyer Well Drilling has pump professionals who will diagnose the problem with the pump system using meters, rather than trial and error replacement of components. Often, we can save the homeowner a significant amount of money by repairing a broken wire or replacing a pressure switch rather than a whole system replacement.

Constant Pressure Pumps

Duane Moyer Well Drilling can use constant pressure pumps as a solution for consistent flow and stable pressure in your home. The concept is quite simple; by using constant pressure pumps, it eliminates pressure cycling during long periods of running (think sprinklers or submersible well pumps). Another benefit is that it provides water on demand while utilizing only the necessary power required to do so.

Camara & Video Well Evaluations

In addition to our well service rigs, we will conduct an inspection of you're well utilizing a down-hole video camera. This is one of the most effective methods for investigating water well inefficiencies, and it enables our team to effectively diagnose and respond quickly to well and pump performance problems.

We maintain certification with local, state, and the national organizations, through the National Groundwater Association and Pennsylvania Groundwater Association, Inc.
At Duane Moyer Well Drilling Inc., we “treat” your water “well”!